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Kali and Steven at the bridge


I shot Kali and Steven’s engagement photos last Thursday by/at the Stone Arch Bridge and we (well I know I did, and they were smiling and laughing the whole time) had a great time. They were a blast to hang out with for an hour (OK, my wife pointed out I was gone closer to 2 hours… but when I have my camera and a smiling couple time just seems to slip away) and they also didn’t mind me taking the time to shoot some “swing for the fences” (see above) shots. Their wedding is coming up here pretty fast in August. They have blocked aside a couple of hours for us to shot photos of JUST THEM AS A COUPLE down at the bridge and in downtown Minneapolis, so there should be plenty of awesome shots. I am getting excited just thinking about the shots. I hope I never forget the honor it is to be trusted with several hours of a couple’s time and smiles on their wedding day. Thanks guys.

OK, enough of me talking. Here some shots and the slideshow.



We shot this with Kali sitting in one of the mirrored windows of the Guthrie Theater. It was fun..


This one was also shot in the Guthrie.


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