Raves from clients

We got the prints, and they look fantastic! Thanks again for doing the photo shoot. My family was very excited and now we have great family photos to put up everywhere! J Thanks also for getting them to us before Christmas.

I just received the files.  Everything looks great!  I will defiantly recommend you, if anyone I know is looking for a photographer.  Thank you for the excellent job.
~Wade, Groom

Well Eric, you did it again! We LOVE our Kiss book so much, and couldn’t be happier that we decided to do it! If you EVER need a reference call us up!!! Thank you for capturing the moments of our wedding day!
~Lindsey, Bride (See the photos)

Just wanted to say what a HUGE hit you were on our wedding day!!!  Everyone was really impressed with you and your assistant!  I have to say that I am impatiently awaiting your creative images 🙂  from what I saw you were well worth every penny!  There were a few photographers in the mix that day and commented on you and how amazing you were (I already knew that)!  I AM SO EXCITED!!  …

Have I mentioned how excited I am?  …

Your the best! And I plan on telling everyone I know how great you are!!!
~Trina, Bride and fellow wedding photographer

Roger and I also wanted to thank you and Tim for doing a fantastic job. We just watched the wedding video and it appears Tim was the “first on scene responder” to the glass fiasco during the reception. Everyone commented on your guys’ professionalism as well as your ability to finagle a large group.

(After seeing the photos)

Thanks! They are gorgeous! I can’t wait for people to see them…
~Melissa, Bride-  (See the photosSee the slideshow)

Hi Eric,

I just wanted to let you know how awesome that we think the pictures are! You guys did such a great job. I just talked to my mom and she is so impressed with how you captured the “spirit” of the wedding! 🙂 Thanks again and I am sure we will be ordering some pictures soon!

Take care,
~Beth, Bride- (See their wedding)

The book is beautiful. You did excellent work. Thank you again so much!
~Candice, Bride- (See the wedding album designSee their wedding)

Hey Eric,
I just wanted to say first of all thank you for the work you did for us on our wedding day. We are amazed at some of the shots you got, and we’re beyond happy with what we’ve seen on the website… Hope everything’s going well.
~Nick, Groom- 6/26/08 (See the blogSee the slideshow)

ERIC!! Holy cow these are GORGEOUS!!! I am so excited to see the rest of them! Thank you SOO much for capturing the feeling and emotion of the day! You are an amazing photographer! I couldn’t be happier with what you and your team captured. Thank you, thank you thank you! Hurry up and post the others!! If you need a recommendation let me know!!
~Erin, Bride- 6/18/08 (See the blogSee the slideshow)

Thanks for taking our Christmas photo.
The idea of taking a standard shot and another with us throwing snow in the air made it truly memorable.

The stress of coming up with a holiday photo has always been a downer. With your photo skills and creative ideas we had the best greeting card our family has ever had.
~Jon, Family portrait client- 3/28/08

Dear Eric,
Molly’s dad and I arrived at the Azores today – so the kids saw the pictures first and were sooooooo happy to receive the work you’ve done! Everyone has answered Molly, as she has forwarded them to Ryan’s Mom and her sister, and two friends in the wedding – and now I get to! I also LOVE how you’ve arranged the sets of photos. Couldn’t be more pleased! I hope the finished book can arrive within three weeks before we have to leave! Don’t know though how your schedule is, and the postal service speed!
– 3/17/08

Eric, you won’t believe this!!!! After Church today in Portugal’s Azores island where Ryan and Molly live at the Air Force base, we drove to the Sunday mail hours place that delivers the week’s packages that just arrived – and here was the Wedding Album already!!!! In perfect condition and more beautifully done than we could imagined! One sure commends that mail delivery service!!! Sunday, March 30! I had just said to Molly, I hope it comes before Dad and I have to go back next Friday, April 4, and she said – No Way! I love how the combinations worked at capturing every special moment of the day. Thank You so much.
– 3/30/08, Mary Jean, Mother of the Bride (See the Wedding Album Pages)

Hi Eric – the photos are amazing! We are so happy with them – they are just stunning! I can’t believe how fast you had them finished!
~Kelly, “ReLiving it” Bride- 11/21/07 (Why the Re-Shoot? Find out HERESee the Slideshow)

Thanks for coming to our game last Saturday and taking those great action shots of our Football team. We posted your slideshow to our team website, and its a huge hit. Grandparents in 4 states have commented how well you captured the players in action.We have notified the parents that they can order prints right from your website. This is a blessing, as handing out order forms is tedious.Job Well Done.

Best Wishes
The Coaches
~Moundsview Sooners 5th Grade Football- 10/12/07 (See the Slideshow )

They look pretty fantastic from what I can see of the shots…. After discussing what we thought the pictures were going to look like based on how fantastic the actual photo taking went Susan and I are planning on purchasing the copyright from you. … I’ll have to write you up a fancy quote later because based on our experience at the wedding I decided that I what to start taking photography more seriously as a hobby and we ended up buying a dslr. I really wanted to buy a Canon so we could be cool like you 🙂 (ok mostly to have a good platform to build a lens collection on). … The fact that I feel its right to share this with you is that with you taking the pictures I really felt like we just had a good friend their on our wedding day and never once had any issues or frustration with you as it seems like you can with everyone that you need to involve to pull off a wedding. So if little bit left of the process goes as smoothly as it has so far, and I see no reason why it shouldn’t, feel free to contact me for a recommendation anytime if you need one.
~Christian, Groom- 7/14/07

Eric was wonderful! He bent over backwards to do EVERYTHING I asked, which made my wedding day even more of a great experience! Everyone in the family complemented him what a wonderful job he did. He was just like part of the family! 🙂 I would HIGHLY recommend him.
~Amanda, Bride- 5/29/07

The slideshow was amazing. Thank you for your work today. It was fun to work with you!
~Father of the bride- 4/21/07

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL! … Thank You for the beautiful pictures…
~Choua, bride- 11/19/06

Thanks Eric. The pictures are great and I hope everything is going well with your business. If you need a “great” reference you can use my name.
~Marion- 12/29/06

THANKS Eric! Kendall and I LOVED the pictures. Despite the cold weather, we looked fairly good in the pictures and not like we’re freezing! Thanks, great job!
~Choua, bride- 11/19/06

Thanks Eric for doing a great job! We enjoyed having you there!
~Kelly, bride- 11/07/06

I also wanted to say that (my wife) was on the verge of tears about the flowers being late. You were able to reassure her that everything would be ok. Thanks for doing that.
~Groom- 11/06/06

Good morning Eric, I received the pictures that I had ordered, and they are wonderful. You really did a fantastic job… Thanks-
~Cecily, Mother of the Groom- 11/03/06

Hi Eric!
The pictures are AMAZING!! I can’t wait to have the proof album! You did an awesome job of capturing us being us! Thank you so much!!
~Missy, bride- 10/28/06

Hi Eric
The proofs online are terrific!! You really did a spectacular job!
Thanks again,
~Melissa, bride- 10/12/06

Your photos captured the heart of Ryan & Molly’s celebration of marriage in an awesome way. Thank you for your artistic diligence and hard work.
~Melisa, mother of the groom- 10/8/06

Hi Eric,
The photos are amazing! You did an awesome job. I think you definitely were able to tell the story of our day in all the images you took. Thank You very much!
~Molly, bride- 9/22/06

We really love the photos and are excited to order some!
~Jenny, bride- 9/20/06

Thanks Eric, the photos are great. So was the honeymoon. Thanks so much, you did a great job!
ps. the lava looks really cool.
~ Dave, groom- 8/24/06

Thank you for being so patient & professional yesterday while my crazy family was no where to be found. Also thank you for helping me let it go. I can’t wait to see your work. I know it will just be breath taking.
~ Hope, bride- 6/25/06

Between the 5 weddings for my 4 daughters, you are the best photographer I have worked with yet. You helped things go very smoothly.
~Paul, father of the bride- 6/24/06

The pictures look awesome, can’t wait to see the book. You have gotten a lot of compliments! Talk to ya soon,
~Cheri, bride- 6/19/06

Very satisfied.
~Ethan, groom- 6/19/06

We looked at the proofs on the web, and they look really great! Thanks so much. We’ll be in touch.
~ Melinda, bride- 6/13/06

The photos look great! I had fun looking through them. I think I’ve already got my list of ones I want…:-)
~Jenny, bridesmaid- 11/11/05

Eric Koch Photo has a very high level of integrity which was shown both in his quality work and in his treatment of the wedding party. His photography was not another stressor to the day–in fact, Eric created shoots to match the personality of the bride and groom, and he made the session comfortable. Eric Koch Photo was a definite highlight of the day.
~Elizabeth, bridesmaid- 11/05/05

Thanks for the great photo.
~Deb, newspaper managing editor- 10/26/05

Thanks, Eric. Say — who did you take those photos of the 4-H State Fair Dairy Show for? They’re phenomenal! Next year maybe we can talk….
~ Deb, newspaper managing editor- 9/11/05