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[Photographer’s Pick] Dan and Amber Sunset Engagement Photo

So in my quest to find good blog topics I have decided to start a new series – Photographer’s Pick. My plan is to pick my favorite photo from each shoot I do. This photo will most likely not be the best photo of the subjects, or maybe of the shoot, but it will be the photo I like best or have the best memories of. My hope for this series is to give you a chance to get to know me better, both as a person and as a photographer.

And the first photo is….

I love this shot from Dan and Amber’s engagement photos because I am grow up in the county as a farm kid. It feels like a long time since I was on the farm as a lot has changed for me since then (wow, tons now that I think about that…). I have many good memories of growing up on the farm (waking up to do chores is not one of them, mornings and I do not mix if I have the choice) and walks through a field on a cold fall day around sunset are some of them. In this photo I just love the way the sun cuts through the wispy winter clouds and catches the tops of the corn stubble rows. It feels warm and cold at the same time, just as those walks did when I was on the farm.

I also like the memories this photo has for Dan and Amber. We shot these photos at Dan’s grandparent’s farm in rural Wisconsin. He has fond memories of his visits there growing up. As a couple they have had some good escapes from the family during holiday visits with a walk through the back field and I hope this photo brings them a smile with those memories.

There you have it, my first of this planned series. What do you think, should I keep it up? What types of things would you like to know about why I like certain photos? Is there one of my past photo shoots that would like to know my pick of?

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  1. Nice shot. Makes me think of the ending of a western movie. Only needs a couple cowboy hats to make it perfect. I like the idea for the blog feature. Keep ’em coming!

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