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Fun with lighting

Photography at its core is the capture of light. No light, no photo. So, if there is not enough light for the photo I am trying to capture, I need to be able to create it. The light also has to be the right type of light for type of photo I am trying to get. If I am trying to shoot a formal portrait for a senior photo I need a soft, controlled light. This gives the face nice modeling, very soft shadows that add a feel of dimension to the face.

I use two different flash systems. On Wednesday I was practicing with my “studio” lighting setup that I would use to do a formal portrait. Think of the lights with the big umbrellas. This setup, as I was using it on Wednesday, consisted of 3 flash heads and power packs (my studio lighting is battery powered so I can easily use it at weddings and other locations as well), 2 photography umbrellas, some diffusers and a white background. The original plan for the practice shoot was to just have my wife model for me (my favorite model by the way), but our cat Chester decided he needed some new photos for his Facebook page (long story). So before we know it he had stolen the show. Next time Chester is getting locked in the other room so I can get some good shots of my wife WITHOUT her shirt covered in cat hair. Oh the joy of owning a Deva cat.

Here are some photos for your enjoyment. Yes, Chester is a BIG kitty who is a little on the heavy side.





One thought on “Fun with lighting

  1. No shadows. Nice work.

    Ever think of getting Chester into modeling? Wouldn’t hurt him to do some work and pay a little for his luxurious home!

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