Wedding Albums

I have never been a fan of the “pick photo A and insert into slot C” wedding albums. I like to be able to use my artistic talent to show the story of the wedding day in a more modern, magazine layout style. Yet, I still have a love for the old, large, leather albums and the feel that they give photos. So, I found a compromise.

I use large, leather albums that I fill with 10×15 layouts (printed at my lab as 10×15 photos). I design the layouts in a more modern style and get to have fun with the layout, while the album cover and insert pages offer the classic “wow, what an album” feel that I want my albums to have.


I am also offering press-printed coffee table albums for those who want a true modern feel. They are also a little more cost effective for a couple on a budget.


Here are some highlights of the pages I designed for a couple. The pictures are from one of my first weddings, and my style has changed and improved since, but the layouts are the style that I offer. There is also a slideshow of the entire album (the pages are not in the finished order).

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